Title Fs Personal Locator Beacon Kti


The KTI Safety Alert Personal Locator Beacon - PLB features 6 independent means of rescue with 10 Year battery and warranty: 406MHz Transmission GPS Location 121.5MHz Homing Signal Visual Strobe Whistle Mirror New Zealand 512 UIN Coded for with NZ beacon registration Keep Yourself Safe! FEATURES: Unique 10 year battery replacement interval, 20 year life, 10 year warranty W: 64mm D: 31mm H: 88mm Weight, 140 grams 66 channel GPS (3 metre accuracy) This GPS location is updated and transmitted directly to the world wide satellite distress network every five minutes Transmits a 121.5 MHz signal for rapid homing by aircraft or land search and rescue teams Subscription free and communications directly to national SAR authorities world wide Salt water corrosion resistant to 3 metres Self buoyant without external flotation Non hazmet battery, safe for air transport High-intensity LED strobe Supplied with impact resistant case, retention lanyard, whistle and lanyard. Approvals: COSPAS-SARSAT T.001 class II TAC 255, AS/NZS 4280.2 Protocol: Programmable to all applicable COSPAS-SARSAT message formats